I've been reading btvs fanfic for awhile, and I'm wondering if anyone has any fics to recommend me? I am usually only interested in spuffy pairing fics. Thanks!

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I'm loathe to recommend myself, but Spuffy is pretty much all I do, so if you want to check out my fics they're at Vamp Tales at http://spikesdeb.rogue-poet.com; my partner in crime Spikeskat has hers at Seductive Embrace at http://spikeskat.rogue-poet.com/, although she does venture into other pairings too. We're both pretty much NC17 territory though, so be warned. We've both got lots of links up to other Spuffy sites, so you should find something you like. If you haven't read Spikeskat's Lost in Time, you're missing something wonderful! Hope you enjoy.


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